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Weird Al’s Parody-Free ‘Vanity Tour’ is a Deep-Cut Joy (Indianapolis Monthly)


Indianapolis Monthly — Of all the weird things about “Weird Al” Yankovic, this may be the weirdest: While Coolio, Huey Lewis, and Michael Jackson really only had to worry about sounding like themselves, Weird Al and his criminally under-heralded band have to worry about sounding like The Collective Whole of 35 Years of American Pop Culture, plus Don McLean and Bob Dylan sometimes. There’s being diverse and then there’s being profoundly insane: I’ve never been in a band, but I imagine playing a set list that includes Chamillionaire, Madonna, an iconic grunge song, and a runaway polka is tougher than it looks, much like writing parody in the first place.

One guesses this was part of the drive behind Yankovic’s brilliant “Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour,” which jam-packed the Palladium on Thursday night despite a preemptive barrage of reminders that humanity’s most iconic musical parodist—a guy whose name is synonymous with basically anything that contains some singing and is funny—would not be doing much of that.

Obviously it was one of his best shows anyway.





Here’s Where “The Hamilton Polka” Fits Into Weird Al’s Rich Polka Catalogue (The Loop/Golf Digest)


The Loop / Golf Digest — Rejoice, my friends, for though the world is dark and increasing Russian today there is cause for UNABASHED GLEE, because not only has “Weird Al” Yankovic released a new single BUT it’s also a polka medley AND the polka medley is all songs from “Hamilton,” and YES the ricochet-bang sound effect is used right when it should be in “My Shot” and then it’s used LIKE 20 MORE TIMES. God, it’s like my brain had forgotten which synapses turned on the joy. 

Fans of “Weird Al” know, of course, that the polka medley is generally one of the three high points of every album, although arguably it might be fourth on Dare to be Stupid, owing entirely to “I Want a New Duck.” (Only two albums lack them: his debut and “Even Worse,” which has “Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White” so it’s OK.) He also occasionally produces political ones. If you dig “The Hamilton Polka,” you might be wise to check out his other polka offerings, which can be found on his accordion-shaped box set Squeeze Box: The Complete Works of “Weird Al” Yankovic.





My New Coffee Maker Is Totally Going To Score Me $100,000

spaceballs mr coffee

Well I hope it’s a long wedding, because it’s gonna be a short honeymoon.


Island Packet — Have you ever actually sat down and read the instruction manual to a Black and Decker 12-cup coffee maker? I mean, ever really taken it in, absorbed it deeply? Because it’s phenomenal, and not just because it apparently wields the power to score you one hundred thousand dollars. AMERICAN dollars! Which I know is worth about $3,550 now, but it’s still cool.

I don’t think I’d ever truly considered the possibility of receiving buckets of cash because of an appliance until last week, when I broke the carafe on my old coffee maker by placing it in the dishwasher in a manner that apparently caused several hundred pounds of force to be applied to it mid-rinse cycle, because when I pulled the thing out of the dishwasher there was a giant angry-looking crack in the side of it, staring at me, judging me, mocking me.

No, it is not often that I believe I am being personally made fun of by beverage containers, with the exception of the time that 24-pack of Dr. Pepper made fun of my popped collar, but this particular carafe and I had a very close, intimate relationship, as we were basically the first item the other greeted in the morning for many, many years. Frankly, I think it got tired of having to serve me every day, and killed itself in the dishwasher, probably with a wet fork.



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It’s the Grammys vs. the Polka Community, and no one can truly win

polkaGateHouse — If you read the news these days with any regularity at all, if you take even a small time to try to keep with the disorder and disquiet in the world, then you already know these are very, very difficult times. For the polka.

I am saddened to report that the polka is dying, although I am mostly saddened to report it without the benefit of a depressed-sounding tuba honking gloomily in the background, so you’ll just have to imagine that part, and that it’s doing so unloved and under-respected, even by its musical cousins, the waltz, the mazurka and, of course, the modern oom-pah band. And sadly it is doing so as a relic, something believed to be practiced only by older men whose names sound like what would happen if consonants spent a day beating the hell out of each other, names such as Roman Rezac, Ernie Kuchera, Al Grebnic and, of course, Frankie Yankovic.

Because as of this year, the polka category is being dropped by the Grammy Awards. The. Grammy. Awards. Being shot down by the Grammy Awards is like being picked last in dodgeball in gym class, except it’s more like being instructed by the teacher to go lay quietly during dodgeball in gym class with your head on the floor facing the bleachers in a corner of the gym located, if possible, in an entirely different school district.


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Interview: “Weird Al” goes digital with T.I. parody

Update: A day late, but here it is.

Billboard — For the first time in his nearly three-decade career, comedy maestro “Weird Al” Yankovic is releasing his parody of a current No. 1 single — evidently just days after he thought of it.

Yankovic’s version of “Whatever You Like,” a riff on the T.I. track of the same name, will be available for download tomorrow (Oct. 7) on iTunes, where it will be an exclusive for two weeks before being released on other digital download services.

In a post on his MySpace blog, Yankovic indicates “Whatever You Like” may be the first in a series of future, more timely digital releases.

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“Transformers” soundtrack: Listen, if you Dare


Jaded Insider – While “Transformers” fans busy themselves with heated debate about the fact that Optimus Prime apparently has lips in Michael Bay’s upcoming film disaster, us true-blue, hard-core, long-time, throwback, friendless, sexless, athletically retarded, sallow-skinned ubernerds can get us a taste of the real thing.

Later this month, Legacy Recordings will reissue the soundtrack to the original 1986 animated film, which has gone down in extensive J.I. late-night rant sessions as possibly the WEIRDEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF ALL TIME, largely because most of the Transformers die in the first 10 minutes (which, when you are 11, is emotionally devastating) and Orson Welles is in it (in his last role! He played a carnivorous planet named Unicron). Also, someone says “shit.”

Anyway, the reissue features Stan Bush’s immortal “The Touch” (people who knew how to talk to girls in 1986 might remember this better as the song Dirk Diggler records at the end of “Boogie Nights”), as well as an even more execrable track called “Dare,” which is about following your dreams or something. A band called N.R.G. sounds not much worse than other tinny 1986 metal outfits on the track “Instruments of Destruction,” and “Weird Al” Yankovic appears for some reason.

The reissue also includes bonus tracks, including the mistitled but much better “Unicorn Medley” (that low groaning sound you’re hearing is Welles rising from the grave to kill somebody) and “Megatron Must Be Stopped (Parts 1 and 2).” (In Part 3, he’s stopped).

Tragically, Stan Bush still thrives, and on his MySpace page on the Interwebs, he appears — unless he’s kidding, and we have no reason to think so — to be lobbying Bay for some involvement in the new film as well. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but how can you succeed at anything if you don’t Dare?

• Stan Bush – Dare.mp3

Weird Al Yankovic: Best. Sales. Ever.

From the wires: Al hits the big-time! (Story by me, despite the occasional lack of a byline, which my lawyers are investigating).

Check it out here.
Or here.
Or here.

And here’s a guy who stole my quotes and research! I love you, Internet.

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