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SXSW 2006: Around the dinner table with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Florida Times-Union — SXSW is a moment of transition for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, or, as they call themselves, “five poor country boys from Middleburg.”

“It’s music or die, basically,” says guitarist Elias Reidy. “We gave up everything to do what we’re doing.”

If all goes as planned, this weekend will begin the payoff. Red Jumpsuit is in the thick of their pre-release, buzz-building, occasional-steak-meal phase (“Do you know who pays for this?” bassist Joey Westwood asks earnestly). A show is slated for 11 p.m., but apart from that, it’ll be a weekend stocked with day parties and lively self-marketing. An evening with the Apparatus at SXSW.

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