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Queen + Paul Rodgers: One escape from reality

If nothing else, you gotta love how the Internet connects artists with fans. My review of Fake Queen from a few weeks back got the attention of Brian May, who had it breathlessly sent to him by a local guy. I can only furnish the link to Brian’s site, because as he states in large bold type atop his grammatically entertaining blog:


So, sorry. Here you go; once you hit the page, search for Vrabel. (It’s shortly after the lengthy piece regarding edamame.)

Live review: This thing, called Queen + Paul Rodgers, I just can’t handle it

At worst, Queen + Paul Rodgers comes off as an adequate cover band, one made only a little less creepy by the participation of two original members. At best, it comes off as a marginally more- than-adequate cover band. This is Queen like I’m Lou Rawls. A review of the band’s sparsely attended Arena gig.

Interview: Roger Taylor and Queen, plus and minus

“We’re not gonna look too much like old men [on stage],” says Queen drummer Roger Taylor, of the band’s first tour with Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers and without, notably, Freddie Mercury. “Thankfully we still have our hair and are not enormously overweight.” (It is important to note that talking about bands who still have their hair carries extra weight when said band includes Brian May.) Taylor on why Queen wants to continue to rock you.

Mostly-INXS and Sort-Of Queen in: Rock Parts

Florida Times-Union — Coming soon to Jacksonville: Queen, Sort Of! And INXS, In a Manner of Speaking!

Both acts are household names, both were superstars in their respective eras, and both are curiously enjoying lively tour schedules in 2006 despite the fact that their original singers have, for years now, been dead. “Brian [May] and I were not expecting to go on the road at any time,” said Roger Taylor, original drummer for Queen, which hasn’t toured the States since 1982. “It’s hard for anyone to walk into a wealth of history and experience that we’ve had,” INXS drummer Jon Farriss said of replacing Hutchence (who’s been replaced in the band and photo illustration by the improbably named J.D. Fortune).

And yet, in just a few weeks, you can welcome INXS — or whatever they are. And Queen has re-emerged to totally rock you. A Sunday feature on how some bands have fared with replacement parts. And a sidebar that breaks bands down into cold hard numbers.

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