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Howard Wasdin: The SEAL Down the Street (South Magazine)

Dr. Howard Wasdin / South Magazine


South Magazine — You know how it is: You’re a New York Times best-selling author, out for the weekend piloting your plane over Florida coast, when out of nowhere, right on your tail, bam, there’s John Grisham. “I’ve got a 235 Charger, basically a really nice single-engine plane,” says Dr. Howard Wasdin, 51, Georgia chiropractor, former member of SEAL Team Six, Purple Heart-awarded veteran of the Black Hawk Down battle of Mogadishu, author and guy who’s probably underselling his plane right now.

“And [Grisham] comes flying in behind me in a Citation, this really nice jet. His house is down the beach from my condo — I always show people his place, saying I’ve got to sell a whole bunch more books to get that. And his Citation overtakes me flying into Fernandina — I had to hold out over the ocean and come in behind him,” he says, laughing at the idea of two best-selling authors landing on a little spit of land in northern Florida at the same time. “It’s all good.” Actually, make that three.

“The funny thing is, between where I am and Grisham’s place, Stephen King is building his new house.” Three big-shot authors, within a half-mile of each other, in one sleepy, humid corner of the world. “Now keep in mind,” Wasdin says, “King is king, and Grisham has 22 New York Times best-sellers. I’ve had one.” Luckily, it’s a pretty good one.

Read more in the December/January issue of South Magazine.




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