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The Steel Horse Archives: Mr. Big, “To Be With You” (1991)

PopDose — Part Three of The Steel Horse Archives features Mr. Big, who are inexcusable and impossible to defend, no matter what Aaron Bradshaw says. Go to PopDose at once to find out what these pinheads have to do with Mega Man, and why they rule Japan with an iron fist.

The Steel Horse Archives: Tesla, “Love Song” (1989)


This record was Tesla's last to not include at least 9 classic-rock covers.

PopDose — Part Two of The Steel Horse Archives, featuring Tesla, whose important-looking 1989 morality play “The Great Radio Controversy” is pictured. Go to PopDose at once for some gorgeous Renaissance-era acoustic guitar magic and mp3s that you can quietly download without having to admit it.

The Steel Horse Archives: Cinderella, “Somebody Save Me” (1986)


At midnight, they turn into Warrant.

PopDose — Part One of The Steel Horse Archives, my ridiculous and self-indulgent series over at PopDose concerning the rise and mostly fall of Hair Metal, involves Cinderella, the ladies pictured at right who were responsible for one of 1986’s fizziest pants-metal records, “Night Songs.” Head over to PopDose at once to get Saved and for a pumpkin-coach full of free mp3s that you can quietly download without telling anybody.

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