Searching For My Lost Cave of Salt, or, Can Salt Caves Cure Allergies: Yes or Na? (via GQ)

via GQ


GQ — In the mid-1800s, a Polish doctor inspecting laborers from a local salt mine started noticing something consistent and strange: Everybody looked fantastic. Clear skin, no rashes. No colds, no flu, no coughs. People were breathing just fine—not even fine but perfectly. For sweaty Polish miners who spent their days underground hacking away with axes, this was a surprise.

It’s also the legend behind salt caves, the geologically oriented self-care destinations suddenly sprouting all over your reclaimed-industrial-park and repurposed-firehouse communities. As spas with a kind of chemical pedigree, salt caves are said to refresh your pores, scrape out your respiratory system, and restore you, your skin, and your stressed, anxious mental condition to the pure state of the early-19th-century Polish miner.




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