Gangster Minivan Packing (via The Loop / Golf Digest)


The Loop / Golf Digest — Today’s minivans are no longer stodgy, dad-approved cubes designed for the sole purpose of taking third graders to and from practice, but sleek, practical and fully modernized vehicles designed for the sole purpose of taking third graders to and from practice. But they also work for vacations, which is nice, because they contain an awful lot of stuff and, if there’s room, people. Here’s how to maximize space in your summer road trip vehicle:

Electronic device: Three hundred years ago, in the ‘80s, travelers were required to pack for road trips by bringing a Walkman, 24 batteries, 30 cassette tapes, a pallet of comic books, an extra set of headphones and myriad Garfield collections, and that was just to make it out of Indiana. Sure, electronic devices may be shattering our attention spans into fragile bite-sized fragments of their former selves, but man, they make packing for road trips a merry breeze. I have found that one game of Goat Simulator can get two children through Tennessee and Georgia, and Georgia is like 16 hours long, so that’s simply technology improving our lives.




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2 responses to “Gangster Minivan Packing (via The Loop / Golf Digest)

  • Belle

    As one who survived family of 6 camping trips back in the 60s, you made me laugh. We had a station wagon, packed to the gills in the back area and on top. My dad kindly left enough room in the back so that two of us kids could go back there and nap or read comics and get out of their sight, lol. I am sure at some point the folks would have liked to have left a couple of us kids at home, tho…sibling bickering probably hasn’t changed much over the years! I don’t know how we survived without having anything to listen to or watch…..oh I know, we looked out the window to see our beautiful country. My kids would have died first rather than do that!

    Good stuff as always, Jeff.

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  • Jeff Vrabel

    Ha! Look out the window? No idea what that even means. Thanks as always for reading!


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