Mexican Wrestling’s Biggest Villain is One Bad Trump-Loving Hombre (via GQ)

"Bad dudes!"

“Bad dudes!”


GQ — In the 1980s, pro wrestling was basically an Old Country Buffet of ethnic stereotypes that today reads like a Steve Bannon doodle book: The Iron Sheik (sported twisty handlebar mustache, like everyone in Iran)! Akeem (wore a red-and-green muumuu and will go down as wrestling’s most evil 400 lb. white African)! Nikolai Volkoff (Cold War holdover cursed with Russian background but blessed with solid singing voice)! The Bushwhackers (prior to two weeks ago, the only Australians we ever feuded with)! And the breathtaking manager Slick, whose intro music was entitled, and I cannot stress how much this is real, “Jive Soul Bro.”

In 2017 wrestling remains yuge in Mexico, where lucha libre—marked as ever by facemasks, ludicrous acrobatics, and deathlessly repeated babyface vs. heel storylines—draws thousands to arenas three nights a week. So if you’re an up-and-coming wrestler looking to make your villainous name in Mexico City, you become a Trump-thumping flag-waving Real American.




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