The Adventure of Milo, The Daring Stuffed Cat Who Spent a Year on a Plane (via the Washington Post)


Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today


On Parenting at the Washington Post — Several Christmases ago, I found myself wandering around a deserted parking lot in San Francisco, clinging to the fragile idea of Christmas magic, but mostly just on the phone with airline customer service.

We’d just flown cross-country with the children, ages 9 and 2 (apologies again, Good People of Rows 13 and 15). The older one is deeply imaginative and inventive, just not especially good at paying attention or remaining in the real world instead of the one in his head, which is populated almost entirely by Percy Jackson and dragons. (Frankly it sounds like a good place to be; in that world sinks don’t leak and Percy doesn’t get Christmas Visa bills.)

Here’s how the cat came back.




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One response to “The Adventure of Milo, The Daring Stuffed Cat Who Spent a Year on a Plane (via the Washington Post)

  • Belle (@BelleP23)

    We went back to a parking lot 40 years ago in a futile attempt to find the only pacifier that our baby son would use without spitting it out. Never did find it or another one exactly the same – I guess it was a “make one and break the mold” just like your son’s stuffed cat. Glad you finally found a replacement! He’s a cutie! (both kid and cat)

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