What Is Pea Milk and Should You Be Drinking It? (via GQ)



GQ — Alright, let’s get this out of the way: If you can say the phrase, “I’m about to drink a nice glass of pea milk” out loud without dissolving into hysterics, you have never been to seventh grade and I feel sorry for you.

And yet we need milk alternatives because cows are over and everybody hates them now. No one drinks milk anymore; we’ve all turned to an uproariously diverse buffet of beverages that includes, but is not limited to, almond milk, coconut milk, macadamia milk and hemp milk (yes it’s real, and no it doesn’t). The newest—and pretty much only—entrant into the white-hot alternative milk game is Ripple, a yellow split pea-based concoction that has already made the industry sit up, take notice, giggle at the name, and then say, “Eh, sure, why not.”

Here’s what this stuff tastes like.





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One response to “What Is Pea Milk and Should You Be Drinking It? (via GQ)

  • lauramacky

    Humans are the only mammals that drink milk after infancy. We even had to resort to pasteurization to drink it. I don’t drink it any more. I get my calcium elsewhere and enjoy almond milk for my lattes. 🙂


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