9 Reasons Owning a Minivan is Secretly Thrilling (via GQ)


Bitchin’ Camaro


GQ.com — This Memorial Day weekend, many of you will need to transport family members long distances across this great land. You will have myriad vehicular options, but precisely zero of them is better than a minivan. Now, you might think you are too awesome for a minivan. You might think SUVs are a more appropriate option, or that minivans have become shortened visual code for “sad-eyed, suburban-dwelling Blake Shelton fan.” But you will be wrong for these reasons.




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One response to “9 Reasons Owning a Minivan is Secretly Thrilling (via GQ)

  • Belle

    You are exactly right! We had a minivan back in the late 80s and it was great to have with two kids who then hated each other. Of course these were the days before cell phones, TVs, etc. but it still kept the kids’ interactions with each other at bay. Sometimes peace is all we adults want! Wish these had been available back in my younger years on family vacations with 4 siblings and 2 parents all crammed in an un-airconditioned car. It’s a wonder we still talk to each other. haha. Enjoyed the article as usual, Jeff.


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