I Love You Guys. Now for the Love of God, Go Play Over There (via the Washington Post)



On Parenting at the Washington Post — I need my kids to stop playing with me at the playground.

I don’t mean I need them to leave me alone and stop smothering me in attention because I’d like 10 minutes with my phone and to wander pointlessly through the pathways. But on the other hand, yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. I need them to play tag by themselves. Climb some branches. Explore the riverbank. Find frogs. Be dinosaur robots. Anything other than standing there, pawing at my legs, scampering off then returning every 30 seconds with a command to play some game I’ve not heard of. Somehow, at ages 12 and 4, they can’t entertain themselves.

The full story at the Washington Post.




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2 responses to “I Love You Guys. Now for the Love of God, Go Play Over There (via the Washington Post)

  • Belle

    Aw, the playground. “Anarchy within structure” is absolutely right! I think every parent since time began has said “Now go play!” with the underlying message of “and leave me alone”. Hahaha. They need the freedom to explore and play (which is hard work, actually) and we do, too. I always enjoyed watching the interaction of kids on a playground or wherever they gathered, with either nature or other kids. And yep, as they grow, they need us less and less but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Good stuff, as always, Jeff!


  • Mellix Life

    I really enjoyed this post. It’s such a struggle to balance where my attention goes. I’m so mentally drained after work and they hit me with a thousand things before I make it 12 steps into the house. Question, Marvel Super hero fact, question, ninja move, question, etc.


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