Trevor Noah Comes to Indy, Has Some Thoughts on That One Guy (via Indy Star)



Indy Star — As luck would have it, Trevor Noah calls precisely four seconds after the phone bings to announce President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, a move that will inflame the already preeeeeetty well inflamed political universe for the next seven hours — the exact time that Noah and his team will be expected to gauge, parse and tear apart reaction on “The Daily Show.” Happily, Noah is reassuring when I mention the terrible timing: “Don’t worry about that,” he says with a chuckle, “In this election cycle, every day’s terrible timing.”

Indeed, in six months as host of “The Daily Show,” Noah, 32, has been expected to not only assume control of the mothership of American political satire but also inhabit the spirit of its previous host, all while dealing with the unhinged nuttiness of what everyone keeps calling a presidential race. He arrived with a strong pedigree — Noah was a rock star in his native South Africa and had spent years on the American comedy circuit — but his nomination was still a huge surprise, the christening of a new face who’d quickly earned Jon Stewart’s blessings but had actually appeared on his show all of three times. It’s an insanely demanding position, and not one you’d think would lend itself to jetting around for stand-up dates.

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