13 Times Axl Rose Was Left Completely Unchecked During the ‘Use Your Illusion’ Era (via GQ)


This simply does not happen to normal people.


GQ.com — The Guns N’ Roses reunion is actually happening, which means one thing: It’s definitely not happening. But on the off chance everyone’s shit is held sufficiently together to perform the band’s threatened Coachella sets and the alleged stadium (!) tour to follow, this could very seriously be the only show worth seeing in 2016. (Fact: Even when they’re played by some numbnuts in an upside-down KFC bucket, the opening notes to “Jungle,” when heard live, actually light you on fire, and now Slash is playing them). While we wait for whatever is happening in Team Guns to play out (probably a TON of kilt-laundering), we thought we’d revisit the insane, epic, over-the-top, blank-check, golden-god phase in which Axl Rose and his borderline personality disorder frightened everyone into letting him do anything he damn well pleased. Best of luck, guys. We’ll see you in the desert. (Please text us if you’re not gonna make it.)

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