100 Reasons You Should Be Listening to Phil Collins Right Now (via GQ)





GQ.com — This fall, Phil Collins ended both his retirement and his self-imposed exile in Switzerland, and we speak for both ourselves and your dad when we say: Damn right, he did! (Also, wait, he retired to Switzerland? Whoa, he’s been a Bond villain and we didn’t even notice.) Anyway, Phil Collins is the man. That may be a funny thing to say, but it is not a joke, as the following hundred reasons prove.

  1. Phil Collins’s comeback tour will launch next year, which is important, because the Phil Collins comeback was never supposed to happen.
  2. First, he’s had to come back from a lot, and he’s done it mostly out of the public eye. Since his last solo trek, 2003’s First Final Farewell Tour, he’s only materialized for a brief Genesis reunion in 2007 and a Motown covers album called Going Back in 2010. When he needed to vanish, he vanished.
  3. Second, the comeback tour had to be delayed while Collins recovered from emergency back surgery. He’s been battling nerve, back, and spine problems for years; his work on the Genesis reunion tour caused a dislocated vertebra in his neck and nerve damage in his hands, damage so severe he couldn’t actually hold his drumsticks. A lot of people would have quit.
  4. To recap: He’s a drummer.
  5. And doctors told him he’d never play drums again.


Read the other 95 highly logical and compelling reasons here.




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