5 Nights in the Life of the Zac Brown Band (via Live Nation TV)

Pictured: Zac Brown, and 4,000 phones.

Pictured: Zac Brown, and 4,000 phones.


Live Nation TV — At this point in their career, Zac Brown Band’s rolodex weighs a ton. Originally a promising country outfit with a quiver of early singles and a killer fiddle player, the group quickly outgrew its country trappings to become not only one of the liveliest bands on the road, but one whose list of known associates is quite expansive. They claim Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Dave Grohl, and Jimmy Buffett as collaborators, as well as Chris Cornell, Sara Bareilles, the Allman Brothers, and James Taylor. And earlier this year, the band set a record when they sold out three straight back-to-back concerts at Boston’s Fenway Park.

“We were embraced by country radio and fans, and we’re proud and happy about that,” says drummer Chris Fryar. “Country fans are rabid, but musically, we always sort of ran the gamut of influences. We never considered ourselves to be an exclusively country band, just a band.”

Of course, one doesn’t simply “break out of country.” It takes a career full of ups and downs, navigating a minefield of risks and failures, and just the right amount of luck. As such, we asked Fryar to recount his five most memorable shows from the band’s storied history. 




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