Lifelong Cubs Fan Still Can’t Believe They’re Going to the Playoffs (via GQ)

If you buy them inside Wrigley, paper bags are $24.


GQ — Barring some sort of monumental collapse, the Chicago Cubs are bound for the playoffs, and I think we all know what that means: We’re about to witness some sort of monumental collapse. Because if being a Cubs fan teaches you anything, it’s to believe nothing, to trust nothing, that life is pain and all hope dies. Or, you know, some variation on that, I’m still playing with the wording and the smothering darkness.

The sad, sad tale at




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3 responses to “Lifelong Cubs Fan Still Can’t Believe They’re Going to the Playoffs (via GQ)

  • cruiz76

    Hey man I think we all feel your sentiments. I’m a southsider who’s been rooting for the Cubs since I was a kid. I’ve seen many of their heartbreaks and the monumental upset that was BARTMAN. But they’re the lovable losers for a reason, we cheer them on and cry with them when they lose. Here’s to hoping they make birria out of that billy goat. Hmmm birria…


  • Belle

    I figure we Cubs fans are true fans, unlike the Cards fans I am surrounded by who only became fans when they began winning stuff. It’s easy to be fans of winning teams, right? I want to be bound to a colorful team, with ups and downs and characters and goofballs and everything in between. I have SUFFERED and still remain a Cubs fan, no matter what. I still have nightmares about 1984 so, yes, I am cautious. Shhhh, don’t say the word playoffs or series out loud yet, as it is bound to get us in trouble. haha. I hope your Grandma, and the rest of Cubs Kingdom gets to celebrate this year! (I didn’t say that out loud.) You nailed it, as always, Jeff.


  • Jeff Vrabel

    Ha! I hope so too, Belle, but I HAVE BEEN HURT BEFORE. And this one-game wild card game makes me damn nervous. Thanks as always for reading.


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