Here’s Why I’m Not a Sports Dad, Aside From Being Very Terrible at Sports (via Success)


Success — Here’s the story I usually tell when someone brings up nutty sports parents.

At the first T-ball practice of the season, back when my son was 7, I introduced him to the coach. I told the man that Jake had begun playing only the year before, on a team named after a fine local flooring store. The words were apparently a trigger.

“I remember you guys!” The coach suddenly exclaimed, more animated than people usually are when discussing the marketing strategies of local flooring stores.

“We played you in the championship—you beat us 7-3! You had orange uniforms, right? And you had those little blond twins who were really good.” Here he turned to his own son, who ambled up behind him. “You remember, right?” The kid rattled off their names. This went on for a few minutes, and the whole time I stood there dumbly thinking, Wait, there was a championship?

The full story, starring sports dads, Drew Storen and “Weird Al” Yankovic — over at Success.




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3 responses to “Here’s Why I’m Not a Sports Dad, Aside From Being Very Terrible at Sports (via Success)

  • Belle

    Oh Jeff, I could write a book on this. My kids (and therefore, us) were on traveling competitive baseball/softball teams back in the late 80’s and 90’s when this whole phenomenon started. I’d like to think we were the “good” parents, trying to get value out of the competition and spending good quality time with our kids. (Nothing like having them trapped in a car with you for 6+ hours while driving to a tournament.) We saw lots of horrible parents, children, and even g’parents who were often almost cruel to other kids playing and we saw our share of adult fights. Fights! At any rate, we’d do it again because our kids were very good athletes who enjoyed it and even earned college scholarships. But it’s crazy seeing parents make more of it than they should. It is supposed to be FUN. (I was scorekeeper for summer and school ball for many years and even had a couple of dads come to our house afterwards to argue with me over giving their kid an error on a play. ) Hope the ice cream was good! 🙂


  • Jeff Vrabel

    The ice cream was great, Belle. Thanks as always for reading. I know there are tons of perfectly normal and measured parents out there, but we just had a spell there where we didn’t come across them, I suppose.


  • ana2897

    The pic you have choose it’s perfectly appropiated to the topic. good job,


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