Steve G. Jones: Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me (South Magazine)

(Photo by Ryan Gibson)

(Photo by Ryan Gibson)

South Magazine — There are two problems with interviewing hypnotists:

1. You don’t believe them and

2. You do believe them, and you’re constantly on a heightened sense of manufactured alert wondering if they’re working magic on you that you don’t know about. You also, at all times, worry a little bit about turning into a chicken.

But if you subscribe to the culturally common idea of hypnosis, if you’ve already begun thinking purple capes and handlebar mustaches and spinning discs adorned with cool spiral designs, you’re missing a few important subtleties. You’re also not thinking of Steve G. Jones.

There are two kinds of hypnosis in this world: stage and clinical. Stage hypnosis is when you are pulled onstage in Vegas and compelled to make animal noises for a bar full of Midwesterners. It’s done for entertainment, for you to look silly in public and purchase a DVD of it for some reason. Clinical hypnosis, meanwhile, is when you need to effect a positive change in your life, anything from smoking cessation to weight loss to toppling a fear of anything—failure, self-doubt, commitment or even clowns. It’s not a show. It is, however, Jones’ livelihood and it’s a good livelihood. Steve G. Jones is, it is safe to say, Savannah’s pre-eminent celebrity hypnotherapist/reality-show contestant/self-made one-man empire of hypnotherapy.

Read more in the October/November issue of South Magazine.





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