The 10 Best Jimmy Buffett Songs He Probably Won’t Play On Tour

Florida Times-Union — Jimmy Buffett has scored unimaginable bank as king of an empire that encompasses music, restaurants, apparel, shrimp, tequila, casinos and whatever industry puts blowup pools in the back of pickup trucks.

But before he was able to convince untold thousands of concertgoers in suburban amphitheaters and basketball arenas they were actually watching the sun drop in someplace like Tahiti, Buffett really was a struggling, easygoing and fairly well-lubricated storyteller from the Gulf Coast, a guy who came up in the early ’70s singer-songwriter golden age of John Prine, James Taylor, Steve Goodman and countless others.

It’s tougher to find that side of Buffett onstage after decades of sold-out cheeseburger parties, but it’s not impossible: For decades he’s ended his beach blanket blowouts with a solo acoustic number (we call it the Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Here Before These People Get In Their Cars song), his best chance to retune his guitar, rummage around in the song trunk and revisit some of the softer, simpler corners of the catalog. If you’ve gotten your fill of the songs you know by heart, here are a few lost treasures worth digging up.




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4 responses to “The 10 Best Jimmy Buffett Songs He Probably Won’t Play On Tour

  • Danny Vinson

    they all sound the same so how can you tell? he only wrote one song and 300 sets of lyrics to it


  • Paul S. MacGregor

    I The go-to-complaint, for people who either hate or are ignorant of any particular style of music, is that “it all sounds the same”. Sometimes a band just has a certain sound, which their fans both identify with and appreciate (AC/DC, Bob Marley, etc). Those who don’t “get it” turn grumpy when they could just turn the dial. On another note, I was happy to see that last night alone, he played 3 of the 10 gems you thought he probably wouldn’t play at all on this tour:” Havana Daydreamin'”, “Trying to Reason With The Hurricane Season” (encore) and “The Wino and I Know” (opening song). Actually, he usually mixes his catalog up pretty well, considering that he still wants to play the songs that those seeing him for the first time expect to hear. Each show,his setlist has 8 “sacred cows” and the next 20 or so selections are anybody’s guess. It seems to be working for him.


  • Paul S. MacGregor

    Great show last night!


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