The Top 13 Musician/Comedian Combos (Intentional or Otherwise)

Do it, do it with your hair.

Metromix — Usually, it goes like this: An actor has a hit movie, gets famous, surrounds himself with parasitic hangers-on who can’t say no, eventually asks one of them, “Hey, so I should start a band, right?” and waits for that person to not say no.

The results, of course, are usually pretty funny, and yes we mean you Scarlett Costner Willis Bridges Crowe God We Could Just Do This All Day Couldn’t We. But what about the other side; the side when musicians team up with legitimate funny people in order to create actual hilarious, out-of-nowhere and occasionally once-in-a-lifetime moments of crossover comic absurdity? Here is Metromix’s guide to the 13 funniest (intentional or otherwise) musician/comic pairings—proof that it’s often best to just go along with the joke. Read more.



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