Who Is Andy D: Probably the best story I’ve ever written about a guy who raps shirtless in a Viking helmet and white shorts

(Michelle Pemberton/Metromix)

Metromix Indianapolis — In an online video for “Ragnarock (Viking Lover),” Andy D is shirtless, wearing a vest, plastic Viking headgear and a fanny pack. He’s rapping, dancing, singing and jumping. Mostly, he’s sweating.

Around him are two men who have given greater attention to their abdominal area than he. Without too much effort, it’s also possible to find photos of Andy D wielding a sword and riding a horse that’s wearing a party hat. There are also a lot of jorts.

“The white cutoffs have been with me since day one,” he said.

Further investigation reveals that in songs like “Party Nite,” “2 Inches from Crazytown” and “Dirty Boyfriend,” Andy D — real name Andy Duncan — is concerned with the following things, in order: party-starting, love-making, party-maintaining, and then, farther on down the line, eating, sleeping and respiration. A typical line: “I like my movies like I like my women / short, low-budget and independent.”

His best-known track is called “God Loves Drunk Chicks.”

But there’s one final thing about Andy D that seems to keep coming up over and over again: Not everyone is into Andy D, but those who are go all in.

Read more at Metromix Indianapolis.



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