The Mosquito: Helping You Get Rid Of Those Irritating Teens(TM) And Their Lil Wayne Or Whatever

Pictured: Hoodlums, who are responsible for, and can be controlled by, horrible noise.

GateHouse – If you’ve ever found yourself confused and annoyed by teens, which you probably have if you’ve ever set foot inside a movie theater, are you gonna want to treat me to a piping hot Cracker Barrel dinner for this one.

There is a new, magical device that makes teens disappear — not by offering creative outlets or activities or anything, but by REPELLING THEIR BRAINS ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL via a mysterious high-frequency repeating signal that only they can hear! (Yes, on the surface it seems scientifically impossible to invent a sound detectable only by teens, yet they seem to have achieved it with Robert Pattinson words, so whatever.)



The device in question is called the Mosquito, and it is marketed by a company with the freakishly uhhip name of Compound Security, which I don’t know much about, other than that I’ll bet they have like zero MySpace friends. The Mosquito is a device that is attached to your building, wall, neighborhood or roller rink that emits a low (or possibly high, I sort of tuned out of audio-frequency week in home ec) frequency noise that most humans can’t hear, but that drives the energetic, vibrant young slowly nuts, much like algebra or civic volunteering or the prospects of any of them ever having retirement funds.

Now let me preface this by saying I have no idea how this works, or if this works, and I’m a little skeptical of the science, although I highly enjoy the promotional advertising photo, which features two Young Troublemakers, both clad in black hoodies and one with a wisp of Avril Lavigne hair curled over her eye as if to say, “I can smoke here if I want to, Principal Jerkface,” cowering underneath a scary-looking Orwell loudspeaker and putting their hands over their ears, like the rest of us do when they play their Lil’ Wayne music or whatever.

So, as people often do when they are adults and need cold, hard facts, let us turn to the marketing department at Compound Security, the company behind the Mosquito Kid Deterrent Device (real name), which posted the following at their website: “The Mosquito ultrasonic teenage deterrent is the solution to the eternal problem of unwanted gatherings of youths and teenagers in shopping malls and around shops. The presence of these teenagers discourages genuine shoppers and customers’ from coming to your shop, affecting your turnover and profits.” Wait, but what about the shops?

The web site, which is forever in search of its first digg, goes on to include this helpful testimonial from some extremely elderly shop owner named Robert Gough in England, who said about the device: “Either someone has come along and wiped them off the face of the Earth, or it’s working.” Ha! Genocide is always a good thing to bring up in ad copy, assuming, of course, you can’t figure out some way to work in the racist jokes.

But the Mosquito isn’t just for people who are looking to exterminate large groups of people from the planet: “Is your business suffering from anti social youths driving your customers away?” the site continues, getting a solid if unspectacular percentage of its grammar right. “Are you bothered by crowds of teenager’s hanging around your street or business and making life unpleasant?” it continues again, fundamentally misconstruing the use of the apostrophe. No, the Mosquito is for anyone bothered by anything that can’t solve the problem by themselves!

Well, I think it’s a fantastic idea, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that all crime and shadiness are perpetrated by teens, who must be muscled out of all areas in which they congregate and moved on to, well, anywhere, it kind of doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not here. Incidentally, the news story I’m looking at regarding young punk teens offers a helpfully direct Google ad link to “Teen Bikini Girls,” which is a much more effective way of keeping them off the streets.


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7 responses to “The Mosquito: Helping You Get Rid Of Those Irritating Teens(TM) And Their Lil Wayne Or Whatever

  • Peter Hinrichs

    While we are at it, why don’t we create a device which will deter low income Hispanics or African Americans as they are statistically responsible for a large percentage of crime. For that matter, a device which will keep all males away, as they are responsible for the largest percentage of all crime, would not be a bad idea. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a way of keeping everyone, except for our closest friends and those who agree with us, away whenever we wanted.


  • Wendy

    I am all for, I have a serious teenage problem and the buggers think its funny to urinate, throw rocks, crush our plants, etc. I say get rid of them all. I of course once was a teenager and I can say with great pride that I never damaged any property or was offencive to any neighbors, because I was brought up correctly with discipline.

    I say booo yaaa for corporal punishment, and the strap!!!


  • racheal

    i think nobody should be able to look up how to get rid of there kids if they can produce them they can deal with the episodes that come with the kids…… kids arent supposted to be like u bought them at a grocery store and be able to just ditch them people should relize that and quit being hipacrits becuase they were just like us at one point in time!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Meredith

    If they can create a frequency to deter solicitors, that would be marvelous! Even better, if my ringback tone would deter telemarketers! Funny to think that these individuals wanting to use this “technology” don’t just play some smooth jazz or classical music…come to think of it, Aaron Neville is probably right in that sound frequency to deter pretty much anything.


  • teen

    1 I kinda liked that song… yes I annoyed someone (the evil cat in my room)
    2 you are as evil as my cat
    3 I am guessing you assume I am not like most teenagers… I dont know anyone who does any of those things
    4 is 2 and I will piss into hell when you go there


  • larry gilbert

    Where can I get 1. I think that be the best product in the world.


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