Breaking: Everyone has suddenly realized what Crocs actually look like


George W. Bush, donning black socks and Crocs on his way to Sunday morning post-church grocery shopping at the Sun City Food Lion

Island Packet — Full disclosure: I have never worn Crocs, except for that day with the unpleasant episode of the exploding garbage disposal, about which the less said, the better.

But otherwise, that’s not for any particular reason other than that Crocs don’t come up much. I’m inside all day, and regrettably, I work for a company that requires me to wear human shoes to work (they have a similar policy regarding pants, which I oppose) and what’s more, I am cursed with larger-than-average feet, so wearing Crocs has the unsubtle effect of making me appear to have a small aircraft carrier to each of my legs, which is a highly confidence-rattling way to go about your day.

But that’s OK with me, because very soon, Crocs will be known solely as the ridiculous rubber clown shoes that achieved immense popularity largely because Americans will buy anything if their neighbor has one, even if it makes you look like you’re wearing pickles on your feet.



Crocs were like wearing bathrobes outside, and primarily popular in the lucrative age brackets of 0-5 and 85 and up. (Debates about Crocs, I should point out, once threatened to tear the Packet/Gazette sports department to PIECES. There was a girl who worked here who would regularly, when Crocs were mentioned, get up on her desk and start waving her gun around.)

Anyway, I make the jokes because I generally went with “shoes” that “had ties on them,” but I was in a distinct minority, because something like 100 million pairs of Crocs were sold in seven years to everyone from Steven Tyler to George W. Bush to other famous people no one likes anymore.

But that was during the boom times, and things are no longer quite so colorful and purple for the Crocs company, which lost $185.1 million last year — last year alone — cut a couple thousand jobs and has been hiding under the desk from creditors in regards to a Croc-load of loans coming due this month. There are, I hardly need mention, untold thousands of hot rubbery shoes currently baking in warehouses, mostly because, and it’s hard not to feel a little bad about this, one of the main problems was that Crocs were so durable and long-lasting that no one had to replace them. Frankly, they should have come with a time-delayed self-destruct function, like my garbage disposal.

They were also, I fear, the victims of a negative PR campaign. My son’s day care, for instance, took to sending home in his Lightning McQueen backpack a tersely worded Memorandum indicating that Crocs would no longer be welcome within its walls, due to those nebulous and ever-present Safety Concerns that seem to pop up whenever anyone is in need of a quick and inarguable justification for something minor, as though each shoe came attached to its own propane-based heating system or tiny Ziploc packet of swine flu.

At the time, of course, he had been rocking Crocs successfully for a statistical majority of his life. Crocs are, of course, perfect for children, who spend an awful lot of their days splashing about in semi-liquid materials of displeasing origin, and call me a hypocrite, but one’s own petty fashion concerns go directly down to Flushville when one is presented with a variation of childrens’ shoes that can be hosed down — so the adjustment to regular human shoes was something that was met with a solid week of good hard whining.

But on the whole, the Crocs story is one of distinctly American ragtag silliness. They were one-hit wonders, Dexy’s Midnight Runners in shoe form. Everyone knew someone who loved them, and then one afternoon at about 3:30 p.m., without so much as an informal heads-up, the collective American shoe-buying public went, and I’m quoting here, “Meh.” And, just like that, with just a hot-flash of consumer mall-time shruggery, the Crocs nightmare was over, the shoes chucked to the back of the closet, waiting for maybe the kind of smirking nostalgia trend thing that makes people still yearn for the ’80s for some reason. The lesson being: Do not get terribly attached to your shoe company. The second lesson: Do not put a lot of large vegetables down in your garbage disposal.


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97 responses to “Breaking: Everyone has suddenly realized what Crocs actually look like

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    • Kitty Bateman

      The original croc style may be now outdated, but take a look at what they’ve done with the company. They entered the work show market with a line of shoes for chefs, nurses and the like. They also expanded their styles to compete with major shoe designers, all while using recycled materials. Give them another chance – they took their success and built upon it to produce a line of really comfortable, great looking shoes that last forever. NOT BAD!,default,sc.html



  • Julie

    I actually love my crocs, and am in neither of those age brackets! They do actually wear out, too, for the record…all the tread on the bottoms wear out and then they are much less comfy. But when new, they areso comfortable that I am very sad that they are much harder to find now.

    For the record, my household of 2 6-85 year olds owns 5 pairs between us. And one of them is orange.


  • Laura of Harvest Lane

    I’ve never actually owned a pair of Crocs. They are popular here in the Midwest. The first place I saw them is on nurses and hospital personnel.


  • Nina

    hate them. hate. think they are hideous. never understood the appeal. and that has nothing (I mean everything) to do with the fact that I had plastic gardening shoes (which are much narrower than crocs) a few years before the croc craze and stupidly decided to put them on to take the trash out on a snowy night. yes, I’m an idiot. who had a wild ride down several stairs with trash strewn everywhere. never.wearing.plastic.shoesl.again.



  • Anne Sheldon

    As a middle school teacher, I found Crocs to be very comfortable. After all, I’m on my feet all day long. I agree that the Cayman style is hideously ugly; however the Mary Jane style is cute (slender and feminine on my feet). I have four pairs and may go out and buy more. Now that they are out of trend, I will enjoy wearing them even more so.

    And for the record, I also bought those little Kibbitz that fit in the holes. Ha ha. It is the only shoe where you can express your personality. Adults need to chill out and have more fun. You only live so long. Don’t worry so much about what others think of your shoes! As my kids would say: “Don’t be a hater!”


  • Anne Sheldon

    Put a ; after however and I’ll be happy. Should have caught that before I submitted! LOL.


  • Anne Sheldon

    That is, put a comma after however. Lord, I don’t know what is wrong with my mind today! It is mush. I guess the thought of Crocs going away is upsetting me more than I realized. 😉


  • dru

    Probably one of the cleverest posts I’ve read of late.

    =) And crocs are ugggly. I moved back to america and i was like “What happened to my country?!”


  • Gina

    “There was a girl who worked here who would regularly, when Crocs were mentioned, get up on her desk and start waving her gun around.”

    Too funny!

    I’m not much of a Croc fan, in fact I could probably be considered anti-Croc…EXCEPT for my Croc flops which were given to me by a friend who had bought them and found they did not fit her well. I briefly mentioned Crocs not long ago on my blog in a post about recyclable shoes-I am still searching for the answer to this question:

    Are Crocs recyclable?

    If anyone knows the answer, I’d love to hear it.


  • brownbelle

    THANK GOD! I hate those shoes with a passion, and feel that if you are not in the 0-6 or 85+ demographic those shoes should not be worn unless you work in a hospital or doctor’s office serving said demographic. Period.

    I’d love to see your take on the next big wave: Toms.
    (they’re vegan friendly too! lol)


  • Doug Smith

    Whats worse, of course, is black socks with any type of casual shoe. Onnnga, Onnnga, Nerd Alert!


  • Mom

    You bought me purple crocs as a gift. Jake and I have held conversations on the colors of crocs. We compare them. I love them.


  • freelanceallison

    This was a great post! I’m a crocs wearer and while I’m not in your age brackets I will fess up to owning 2 pairs. They were originally bought for gardening purposes for their easy clean with a hose durability (similar to your child’s purpose for them) but then your feet kinda think ‘hey this is a great shoe – I can breathe, I’m free and I have support almost like a flip flop without the flip-flopping or danger of having your feet squished on metro”. 🙂 But I won’t lie the craze was out of control for a bit, it’s still sad to see them go. I kind of hope to see them make a comback in the next decade or two…(Crocs with a vengeance). Anyways: thanks for an entertaining read!!


  • Janet

    Although I agree that they are ugly, they really are incredibly comfortable. Also good for getting wet. Also good for shower shoes in dormitory bathrooms.

    I wore them when I went to Wonderland (like Six Flags). My friends and I went on the log-ride, and I was the only one who was not miserable at the end of the day!


  • truthdetective

    My wife and I would never in the past, present or future never be caught dead or alive wearing Crocs. I have had many friends and family try to talk us into it, but we agree with each other that they are just so darn ugly. Our 2 oldest children refuse to wear them as well. Now, our 4 year old, we have found them to be very useful. The fact that they rinse off easily and don’t break down or wear out fast has made them perfect for that age group that can’t seem to stay out of the mud. Other than for small children though, I see them as being completely useless and hideous.


  • Christopher

    I have always really hated crocks!


  • Wendy

    loved this post! i think they are horrible footwear and i’m happy to hear they finally maybe disappearing.


  • natasha0003

    I do also agree that Crocs are ugly, but on the other hand they are very useful. Great for outdoors, camping, walking and dirty jobs!!! You should know they come in all different colors and styles now (if that helps with “ugly” factor). Crocs have never let me down… I’m a server and they do the job!


  • Rachael

    Ah yes, the Crocs. I work at a hospital and I believe that every single nurse has every single color to match every single pair of scrubs she/he owns.

    It’s quite disgusting.

    But for children, perfect!

    ❤ Rachael

    Visit me @ my blog


  • Terry

    Loved your post.

    BUT Hey! I love my Crocs. I don’t have the model shown on Bush’s feet because I think they are awful and ridiculous. I have the fancier models : high heels and cotton, leather, flip flops and the canvas shoes. And I looove them, comfy and the models I purchased have been complimented on by a lot of people. But of course, you can’t see the logo on them. 🙂 My boyfriend has Croc shoes. They have a Croc sole and the upper is made in cotton. They are sexy.
    Hep. We have a whole Croc store here, in Montreal. It’s always packed of people buying for hundreds of dollars of shoes. I never leave the store without a pair or two…


  • urbanechoes

    I never got the Croc hype. My cousin is nuts about them, but she was never so lucky (or should I say unlucky?) to get a pair. I tried them on once, because I wanted to buy them for her, and got to admit, they are really comfy. Nothing like anything I wore before. They’re super light and so on. But still. A shoe for me has to be pretty. Has to be stylish with an edge. And Crocs don’t have that. So off to melt all those sad spare pairs of Crocs y’all 🙂


  • lunch at 11:30

    my partner’s four-year-old nephew *loves* crocs. but he also sometimes wears them w/out pants, and tried to convince me he was six last week. so. yeah…


  • weddingcakemaniacnaomi

    They are great for chefs. You have to get the ones with out holes of course. They are non-skid (of course until the tread wears out) and they are grease proof. But I would never be caught wearing them outside of the kitchen.


  • Kitty O'Toole

    Love the article but sorry, I’m a Crocs addict! I’ve worn them ever since I realised they helped with a back issue that I have, and loved them ever since. I have all kinds of pairs, and Jibbitz ( or giblets as I tend to call them) as well, although I tend to only bother with those at Halloween or Christmas..Crocs are amazingly comfy and I know they are hated by so many people but personally I wouldn’t be without mine. Plus I got some of the furry winter boots at Christmas and they are perfect for bad weather..
    Finally, my beloved best friend also got completely obsessed by them. She was battling breast cancer and had limited mobility and all kinds of associated issues, and it got to the point where the only thing that she could be comfortable wearing on her feet where her favourite pair of purple crocs…and as she had insisted before the event, she was laid to rest in them.
    Anyway, If Crocs are going under I’m sad to hear it and I’ll be stocking up.


  • Brosef K

    The pro-Croc posters on this thread are in denial, you do fit into the demographic mentioned even if your chronological age does not match the criteria.

    Off to Australia for the lot of you! That’s where deviants, perverts, and the criminally insane are sent.


  • phjess

    Thanks for making me laugh!!! I am currently wearing crocs with the fuzzy insides…because they are comfy, it’s raining, and I work on the radio so no one can see! I do agree that they are ugly, but the ‘Malindi’ style for women are SO cute and perfect for summer.



  • Sam

    They are what I will be wearing December 22nd 2012 🙂


  • justalittlepiece

    I cringe every time my boyfriend’s son walks out the door in his tye-dye crocs with puppy dog details. Yeah, he’s six, so he needs to get fashion direction from his elders–they’re just for gardening is all that I can say and even then I have no desire to wear them.


  • Breaking: Everyone has suddenly realized what Crocs actually look … |

    […] Originally posted here: Breaking: Everyone has suddenly realized what Crocs actually look … […]


  • Kathlyn

    “There was a girl who worked here who would regularly, when Crocs were mentioned, get up on her desk and start waving her gun around.”

    If it isn’t me you mean here, then I should meet this girl because not only could we compare stories about getting hit on by high school football coaches while working for the Packet sports section, but we could hate (loathe, despise) on Crocs together!

    And, PS, our former Prez looks like a German tourist in that photo.

    PPS – I saw a Crocs store in the Netherlands!!! Horror of Horrors. I tried to close my eyes and disappear it, but it didn’t work. Those rubber shoes just won’t go away!


  • littlegirlwithabigpen

    I love that Crocs afficionados defent themselves so vehemently.

    I hate these shoes, they’re a curse.


  • mamajade

    I am happy to say that I have never worn crocs, and have often mocked my friends for wearing them.

    I found this post to be incredibly amusing. Thank you for making me laugh on a rather crappy day.


  • lifeaftereighty

    Gosh, something to look forward to if I make it a couple more years. How will I find them by then?


  • .hack//Juwols

    CROCS. Never got em, and I will never get em. They look like skinned and stabbed hushpuppies…

    Everyone I ask about em, just simply say “My feet are awfully comfortable…”

    Comfort<Style. Ask that lady over there in tha heels she purhased from the front of a porno shop.


  • Ken Kendall

    Wearing those shoes would never make it on my helping men advice blog.

    I just started a new blog about marriage and how men can better love their wives. I would appreciate it if you would take a look and give me your comments and feedback.



  • Ghalia

    He is joking
    I hate Bush


  • readersguide

    I think it’s actually the black socks that are causing the problem here. Gosh, it also sort of looks like he’s wearing a utilikilt with his cowboy shirt. Just what exactly has he been up to these past few months?


  • derekmdukes

    With any luck, the fad will end soon and Crocs will be remembered as the 2000’s version of MC Hammer pants.


  • julia

    here here – its about time people realised how hideous crocs are. Crocs are only suitable for the garden (ie, outside slippers), they should NEVER be worn in public.

    I was extremely embarrassed when New Zealand included them as part of the Olympic uniform. Unbelievable.


  • alicefound

    I, too, hated the look of Crocs when they first started gracing our streets a few years ago. It was a definite fashion problem as significant as the Ugg.

    However, I really do have to say that I own a pair of women’s flats made by the Croc people, and it is the most comfortable shoe I’ve. EVER. worn.

    I have also been told by numerous friends that it’s cute, “doesn’t look like a croc,” and “I never thought I’d say that Crocs are cute.”

    so, by all means, ridicule the original design with the holes that looks like it belongs on a boat. but before you dismiss crocs altogether, check out some of their flats (like the aforementioned Malindi style that I sport).


  • Silk Pajamas

    crocs with socks? i prefer without socks, even for mr. Bush.

    crocs very comfortable to wear, i understand why it becoming so popular.


  • Milo

    They are hideous and I wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair. They should be reserved for children playing outdoors, only.


  • Rua MacTírean

    one of the lads bought a pair of crocks about a year ago, haven’t spoken to him since.

    ’nuff said, those things are ridiculous


  • Kim

    Great article. I think Crocs are the ugliest footwear I have ever seen. I would rather wear wellington boots. Never owned a pair, never will. I always assumed they must be cheap and people who bought them couldn’t afford real shoes.


  • kinkinthemachine

    YES! Thank God they’re on their way out. They’re definitely one of man’s WORST inventions. I’ve always equated Crocs with rubber boots, with holes punched in them. Defeats the purpose of keeping one’s feet dry. And those idiotic stick-on badges.. Hideous!


  • CrowBiz

    I woefully admit to owning a pair of fake Schlocs, which on first pass seems even more pathetic than the “real” feet pontoons… But think again – at least I paid $7.00 and not $29.99 plus tax. And no, I never venture past my front porch in them, and if I do, the community has standing orders to Taser me.


  • marketing veep

    When I’m done with my Crocs, I’ll wipe them clean with my Sham-wow then shelve them next to my pet rock, Chia Pet, Ronco Bedazzler.

    Your commentary reveals the bittersweet story of fads and America’s fleeting love affair with the new, the novel, and (most often) ridiculously over-priced.


  • theprettyproject

    You knew this thing had to die eventually. 🙂


  • Dannielle

    I JUST bought a new pair of Crocs yesterday. I HATE them as a fashion trend (bc lets face it, they are not fashionable), but just got a nursing job and thought they’d be good… hope they aren’t phasing them out of Nursing too 😦


  • WonderWoman

    Love CROCS! Crocs saved my feet and my bad attitude when I was in pain every day.
    I own at least 8 pairs in a variety of colors – and they do wear out eventually…those with no tread on the bottom are perfect for indoor wear.
    Plus – my feet don’t get hot, I have never gotten a blister from crocs, I walked all over Italy and Ireland in them.
    There is a line of crocs called Rx for people with plantar fasciitis that are genuinely healing.
    I wear nothing else. I won’t take a job if I can not wear my crocs.
    I am obviously passionate on the subject. And those of you afraid to wear purple or pink or yellow on your feet – don’t have to…
    Crocs Rule!


  • HaHa

    I think theyre ugly….*shudder*
    I think babies to 6 yr olds, hospital people (workers and patients) and old people (no offence) should wear them.


  • graceshaker

    buttery goodness. i actually lol’d.


  • Stephen

    Fashion Smashion:
    Who cares what they look like? They are functional and easy to get on and off. I bought them for gardening after I designed them in my head before I knew about them.
    Now I buy the knock offs for less than 5 bucks and they last several years.


  • Jose

    I’m really surprised they have lasted so long in the market. I know they are comfortable but so is running around in my boxers!


  • Welcome Back, Me « I Radio Heaven

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  • Theresa

    I can’t believe how popular Crocs have become, given how ugly they are. Since Crocs add so much width to each foot, people wearing them must have to walk bow-legged to keep their feet from catching on each other. They may be practical for garden use but that’s it.

    Don’t people worry about their children’s feet anymore? Who’s old enough to remember when it was important for kids to wear good lace-up leather shoes so their feet would grow properly?

    I hate flips flops just as much as Crocs. They are hideous and offer no support to the foot. Everyone in our region wears flip flops for all occasions.

    Personally, I think lazyness has a lot to do with the popularity of flip flops and Crocs. People just don’t want to have to tie their shoes.


  • sigh

    I have to laugh at all the “haters” hating on the lovers. I have a pair, and I agree they’re ugly. I wear them anyway when I’m doing chores or running errands. They are easy-on, easy-off, hose-downable, and, yes, butt-ugly. But because they have never given me a blister, I have worn them even under a graduation gown when it was 100+ plus and I knew I would be on my feet in that heat for hours. Who cares?

    I laughed particularly at “HaHa” above. If they’re soooo ugly why should anyone be “allowed” to wear them, regardless of age and profession? Geez. Live and let live. Uggs are worse. Flipflops are far worse! That thing between the toes!? Shudder.


  • Dara

    I’ve always thought Crocs were hideous. It’s going to be one of those things like stonewashed jeans and neon shirts of the 80s and 90s where people look back and wonder what they were thinking when they bought them.

    Then again, I’ve seen a resurgence in the nasty styles of the 80s coming back…and I’m avoiding them like the plague!


  • 1emi3000

    ummmmm, K? Your point? 😉 Why is everyone going all neculare war about this? Who cares. Let people were what they want to were! I agree, i hate flip flops. They feel so ocward! But im not yelling at people for wareing them! (even in the FALL) And yes, crocs are prety ocward looking, but i dont yell at people for that either. Its like puting your hair up in a ponytail. Its way more practical. My basic style everyday? watever tee shirt is cleen and watever pair of jeens are clean and a pony tale in my hair complete with a clip to keep my bangs out of my eyes. Im 11 years old and th only reason i clicked this link was to see how many people called it stupid on the comments. I was amazed at how many people flipped out about this.


  • 1emi3000

    Also, i have a pet dog and when i have to take her out for, you know, I dont want to have to tie my shoes, go out for three secounds, and come back in and un tie them. Crocks are way better. Its the same when i have to get the mail! Or when im takeing out the trash, or going to sit out on the deck. Its way easyr


  • 1emi3000

    Oh, one more thing, my grandma has this thing with her feet, so she always has to wear shoes. You can amagin how mush blisters she gets. Crocks saved her feet! They never give blisters!


  • Jen

    I’ve never owned them myself, but I work for a shoe retailer and you should see their winter line of snow-adapted Crocs…


  • canwepleasestopandreflect

    With the limited exceptions of small children and the elderly who need these for medical reasons, there is simply no excuse for such a hideous excuse for shoes.

    And here’s some photographic evidence shutting down the defense of such:


  • Alice

    When I was a student and struggling to get by, also needing to be practical for being on your feet all day (beauty school), crocs are an exception. No, they are not fashionable. They can be used for gardening, showers, going to the hospital, washing your car and house shoes. I would not wear them out on a date, to the office, the salon, shopping and so forth.

    Crocs are all right.



  • Michelle

    just found your blog. enjoyed it. i do not enjoy crocs, but my kids do.


  • Teri S.

    This was hilarious! My husband and I don’t really get the appeal of crocs either, though we seem to be in the minority! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂


  • john

    I used to like crocs, Until I saw this idiot (GW) wearing them…


  • Andrea

    Someone bought our son crocs for his birthday and we almost gave them back. We joked, “we will not allow this kind of stuff in our house!”

    Did you know they make Croc snow boots?


  • antwan

    whenever i see someone in crocs i am immediately grossed out. it just looks like that material will cause any wearers’ foot to start secreting a jelly like substance that smells like pennies.

    no thanks. no thanks. and no thanks!

    and then there’s “croc butter”…stop.


  • vetti

    I hate them! OK, if you’re wearing them as gardening shoes in the privacy of your own yard okaay…but in public? Hell no! If you want to look like you have given up/have no self respect/don’t care what you look like, go get some – but don’t wear them anywhere near me please.


  • Judith

    Hmm, warehouses filled with Crocs? At some point they’ll probably be shipped to less developed countries and their citizens will be enjoying the comfortable shoes.


  • pressgirl

    Hey there.

    Very funny post. Here in Peru Crocs became as popular as in the US, but just a minority of people who probably had traveled to the States or were easily manipulated by advertising, or maybe they were just curious… who knows.

    I’ve heard they are very comfortable though.

    Nobody wears them anymore. I’ve always thought they were pretty big for somebody to be wearing them all they long, going on and off the bus, running to class in college or to catch the bus…

    Again, very funny post.


  • FashionProf

    A lot of my colleagues wear crocs to university graduation–there’s nothing like a bright orange pair sticking out underneath your robes. Ugh!


  • PoetrysTruth

    I have crocs and I love them. I have messed up feet after years of wearing combat boots in the military. I can wear my crocs and my feet don’t hurt all day. I’m a nursing student now and plan to buy several pairs from the professional line when I’m done with school.

    I don’t understand the hate people have for the shoe, they offer relief to a lot of people like me who have feet issues.

    I’m more disturbed by low rise pants and skinny jeans…now that is something that just needs to disappear.


  • lee lee

    i love (read: am jealous of) the blend of fact & fiction on your blog, mostly because it’s all Totally True. my son has frocs (fake crocs) and falls down in them all the time. i was wondering if he’s just A) very clumsy or B) the fake crocs aren’t as good in some way. but, it sounds like maybe crocs are just dangerous in that way, fake or not.

    and to wonderwoman (if i may), i have to say: Everything in Moderation. 8 pairs of anything {probably} means you need to seek some sort of {addiction} help.


  • cygnet

    Fu-nny. And not in that off-handed way that word is sometimes used. True and delivered to my delight.

    I, too, have been baffled by the Crocs-mania. Thank you for putting words to my confusion.


  • Melissa

    AMEN BROTHER! I’ve been Croc hatin’ since they first appeared on my friends’ feet. I don’t care if they are “comfy” or “convenient.” They are hideous and overpriced to boot!


  • Francesca

    They may be ugly, but they are a gift from the Gods if you have to spend 11 hours (or more) on a plane. I recently did a flying marathon – Japan, Switzerland, Brazil – in two days and if I had other shoes on I wouldn’t be able to walk.


  • Momo

    So the moral of the story is that the American public would rather wear good looking uncomfortable shoes that are expensive and wear out quickly than be caught wearing something comfortable, affordable and durable. Yep, that’s America for you.


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  • ruthrawls

    Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!


  • Kamalah

    I have to agree with you on the style front, they are ooooogly not just ugly, even the cuter versions are too “croc” for me to incorporate them into my wardrobe. The problem and the addiction comes from the fact they when you have them on, it feels like they are making sweet love to your feet.

    I used to work in food service and they were the ONLY shoe that was truly slip proof. I have held solid footing in heaps of food prep spray and globs of whipped cream. Not to mention they were the only shoe that I could wear all day and not need to be put in traction. They are excellent for yard work too you can hose them down and they don’t hang on to grass or dog poop.

    Tthey are ugly but they put in serious work!


  • nicolodeon

    Great article. Found it quite amusing. I own a pair of Crocs but mostly I use it when I need to “slosh” around my wet backyard during the monsoon season (I’m from Southeast Asia) or when I get stuff from the wet market, which is every weekend. Looks kind of…ugly, I do agree but very comfortable on the feet. I don’t mind ugly as long as it serves my purpose. Oh and yeah, they are overpriced…much like than other sandal phenom we have her, Haviannas.


  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the laugh. I have never been a fan of crocs for adults – I think they look cute on kids, but wonder about the safety. When I saw the winter styels (that come with the fuzzy lining) I thougt to my self – what have we come to?? I vow that I will never own a pair!


  • Tash

    I hate the standard crocs, but I own a pair of the “alice” crocs (look like mary janes) and they are my favourite shoes ever, I would love to get another pair in another colour but it would seem they don’t make them anymore 😦


  • Handyman stan

    I own 5 pairs of “Imitation” Crocs. They are fantastic in my line of work as a builder as I can slip them off when entering a Clients House, and they are very soft and comfortable. I must admit that I wear socks with them you know the style of Polish or German Immigrants. Long Live Crocs


  • Nihal Melvyn

    I have already had 3 pairs, bought 3 pairs for my girlfriend and parents, reason being…theyre simply good. I used to think they were damn weird looking and laughed at people who wore them, calling them clowns. But I think the best part about it is its durability and non slip features which makes it a safe and practical type of shoe. Besides, I think its called “crocs” because it looks like wooden Clogs.


  • Bobb

    How amusing. Love the line: Everyone knew someone who loved them, and then one afternoon at about 3:30 p.m., without so much as an informal heads-up, the collective American shoe-buying public went, and I’m quoting here, “Meh.”

    Nice one.


  • Lilian

    I have a pair of Crocs, but not of the original design. Can’t remember what design mine is but it’s super cute.

    I love them ‘cos they dry very quickly and you can get them wet without worries. Perfect if you’re going to the beach, not so great in the winter though.

    It’s my summer shoes. Well, just one of the many pairs in my collection.

    Not sure why people make a big fuss about it though.


  • Geezaloo

    I didn’t buy my crocks until 2 years after they were so popular. At first, I thought they were the most ugly things I had ever seen. But after breaking down and shelling out the $40 for a pair, I was hooked. They were the most comfortable shoes I bought in a long time.

    Mind you, I would never wear them to Church or out to dinner, but around the house….they’re perfect! Besides, no one important can see me there! So perhaps I’m a closet “crock-aholic”?


  • swimchick123

    Even if they are ugly, if you actually try on a pair, they are fairly comfortable. They’re actually kind of convenient, like, if you want to bring your cart in or check your mail in the rain you can just slip them on your feet and not worry about them getting ruined in the rain.


  • misspernicketypants

    I feel so strongly about this croc-itis that your post inspired me to blog about it on my own page.

    If I may quote myself here… “But they failed to mention that no matter how good these shoes might be from a health point of view, they still make you look like a silly garden gnome. I just CANNOT take anyone seriously when they’re wearing crocs. This brand has somehow fooled the world… but not me, because I truly do vomit in my mouth a little, every time I see someone wearing a pair of crocs”.


  • ugg

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    type of clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.



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    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks


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