Review: Guns N’ Roses, “Chinese Democracy” (No, really)


Popdose — Unless you spent a lot of time in the company of William Shatner, “Chinese Democracy” will likely be one of the most ridiculous audio recordings you ever come across. It is sprawling and stupid and ludicrous and hilarious and will make you shoot milk out of your nose and cringe and it is not very good and sometimes extremely terrible, and just when you think things cannot possibly get any more extraordinarily strange, that’s when Axl Rose drops the MLK sample on you.

Originally slated for release in 1948, “Chinese Democracy” comes out Sunday exclusively for people shopping for Black Friday-sale plasmas at Best Buy, a wise promotional stunt and kind of an all-in proposition — if putting this record out this week doesn’t create interest or move units, nothing will. Because one thing is sure: The songs won’t sell it. Read the full review via the good people at PopDose.

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3 responses to “Review: Guns N’ Roses, “Chinese Democracy” (No, really)

  • rachelr1977

    I still can’t decide if I want to listen to this or not. It would kill my fangirl crust on Axl circa 1992. I don’t know if I could handle that.

    On the other hand – I read Twilight. Could Chinese Democracy be worse than that? Hard to imagine.


  • rachelr1977

    CRUSH that is, not crust. Although, it’s been long enough, maybe crust would be more appropriate (if not also more super gross)


  • David

    Obviously the writer here is not a fan… This record is what many GnR fans have been looking forward to; and for most it has delivered.


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