“Chinese Democracy” review: This song is definitely, positively nearly five minutes long

• UPDATE: Click here for a review of the full album via the good people at PopDose.

Jaded Insider — Jaded Insider remembers going to the music shop his freshman year of college – a pleasing, now-extinct dump on Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington known for its lively collection of incense and Steve and Barry’s sweatshirts (4 for $20!) as much as its music collection – to pick up “The Spaghetti Incident” in 1994, thinking, hey, this is alright, but I really can’t wait until the new real album comes out.

Little did he know that when the first official single did come out, 48 years later, J.I. would absorb it via iPod headphones at 10 in the morning on a Wednesday trying to get some damn work done because he dropped his kid off to pre-K a little late.

If there’s anything else that can be said about “Chinese Democracy,” we can’t think of it – although that won’t stop this track from ripping through the blogosphere today like some dated-sounding virtual throwing star – but I think we can all agree that finally, after all that wait, after all that buildup, “Chinese Democracy” is definitely, um, here. And playable. Also, where are we going for lunch?

Those who’ve been following the hilarious trail of leaks will note that the drums on the official release are different – less stuttery – giving the track a more straightforward stomp, although the guitar parts, which could literally have been furnished by any one of like nine guys, seem the same. Axl’s primordial wail sounds fine, on all of its 19 vocal tracks, although it’s hard to imagine thinking as a freshman that the next new GNR track would have a shot at the Falun Gong in it. But hey, it’s here, although we probably won’t get back to it before we have to pick the kid up.



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